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Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break

We're having spring break here at our house. I chose to reserve two weeks for our spring break because one week just didn't seem near enough! We haven't done much of what we set out to do, but we have had fun. Grandpa and Grandma visiting and filled our pantry to overflowing with yummy foods. Laughing Water has worked on sewing her first dress. I've started teaching myself how to knit dish cloths. (This is especially fun using hemp yarn. It is supposed to be antibacterial, so it will be useful as dish cloths.)
My kids have been cooking and baking a lot lately. The first picture is of Mr. Blueberry Eyes making French toast. Here, Laughing Water checks on her baking while managing her dress-up skirts! What a hoot!
I'll try to post more often now. I have a lot of philosophical thoughts rattling around in my head these days! - Nanette

Monday, March 22, 2010


We're in the dreary days of spwinter - that time of year that can't decide if it is still winter or if we should venture into spring. I dislike this time of year the most! We've returned the kids' cross-country skis for the year. There isn't any snow to use them anyway. But neither can we break out the short sleeves and flip-flops. Spwinter. Bother!

The Wood Artist found this butterfly on a piece of firewood in the wood pile. Thinking it was likely dead, he brought it in the house. Not long after photographing the poor, deceased creature, it flew up to my ceiling. I guess the warm house had awakened him. Not sure how to best care for him, we talked to a ranger and he said it would be best to put him back into the cold so he could stay dormant or whatever you would call it, until there was something outside for him to eat. The next day, Mr. Blueberry Eyes was able to guide him outside without touching his wings.
Here's the view from one of our recent outings. This view never ceases to take my breath away. It is the view from where I spent most of my teenage life.
We're in Spring Break now. I set aside two weeks for it. We did some sewing together today. My goal for these two weeks is to sew, knit, work on some garden chores, and rest. Hopefully, I'll have something to show for it! If I do, I'll post pictures. - Nanette

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Puppy Love and Swings

It's no secret in this house that Papa (The Wood Artist) is an animal lover. I saw The Mighty Hunting Hound enjoying a snuggle and had to snap this picture. She stayed that way for about five minutes! It oughtta be illegal to be such a pampered pooch!

The kids were delighted when The Wood Artist put up this swing in the woods for them. It didn't take any time at all for Mr. Blueberry Eyes to start working on stunts.

I'm poking along on the dresses for the wedding. One is ready for a fitting and I fully intended on having the other one ready by now, but it is going slowly. First one thing and then another happens that needs my attention or that I would rather do. I'm glad that it is coming along, though.
Lastnight was the first time The Wood Artist and I went out to eat on a date since last September or October. We had Red Curry, which is one of the few things I can eat at resaurants right now. It was so, so yummy! We had a lot of business to discuss and it was lovely to just sit and talk without interruption. (I'm thankful for grandparents close by who do a great job of babysitting.) Then we shopped for some badly needed items, talked some more over a chai tea, made more plans, and then came home.
We are spending a lot of time working on the expansion of our business to an online forum. It is finally moving ahead and we are so excited. It can't come too soon for our family budget! We are on a steep learning curve, though, especially in regard to new technology.
Tonight, Laughing Water and I did some shopping for clothing for her. I really haven't done much shopping for her in her lifetime because we've always had friends who would pass down their lovely clothes. But she is getting to that age where hand-me-downs come less frequently, and the child is growing like a weed! And I found out that she has very definite opinions about what she likes! For the most part, though, she has good taste. We were blessed to find some fantastic sales.
My plant starts are up and looking healthy and strong. It is good to have living things around me.
I'm starting a book club. Any suggestions for good books? - Nanette

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Doggy Biscuit Co.

Laughing Water wants to go to summer camp. She also knows that summer camp is simply not in Mom and Dad's budget right now. So she is working and scheming and scheming and working. She works for her Granny. She does extra chores around the house. On Friday, she and Mr. Blueberry Eyes (who is motivated to earn money, too) Actually washed all of the windows of our business classroom - 7 in all. They washed inside and outside, with the help of a ladder. Then they cooked up another plan. They made a catalog and went to several neighbors and a couple of relatives and took orders for doggy biscuits. Surprisingly, everyone they approached put in an order! They were thrilled!

So, today, they started right off. They baked and baked and baked - all by themselves. They made doggy treats that were so wholesome and delicious that I even sneaked a couple of snitches! They used fresh ground w.w. flour, farm fresh eggs, and all sorts of yummies.

Mr. Blueberry Eyes hung in there a remarkably long time for a little guy! He worked pleasantly alongside her for hours. Suddenly, he started complaining of a sore throat. Within 30 minutes, he was down. It is apparently a nasty sore throat, because he usually suffers rather silently. Not so this time! He fell asleep hard with a fever and when he woke up, he wanted to know if he was still going to get 1/2 the proceeds from the sales! Laughing Water magnanimously assured him that he would get his share because he couldn't help it that he was sick. What sweeties!

So, now the doggy biscuits are baked and the bigger ones in the food dehydrator to insure against mold. All of the orders will be filled tomorrow and I have two very tired kidlets. I'm proud of their stick-to-it-ness.
As for me, I didn't get as much done today on sewing for the wedding as I had planned. But I did some. And I got a veritable mountain of laundry/bedding washed and put away.
TTFN - Nanette

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I took The Mighty Hunting Hound to the groomer today. She was getting pretty scruffy, and, try as we might, this seems to be something we don't do well. Once, when The Wood Artist tried to groom her, she dove for cover under my leg, then under the pillow. She was so embarrassed! Poor thing! But tonight, she is happy and feeling good about herself.
I'm making slow, but sure progress on the bridesmaids' dresses. I'm taking it a little at a time!
My plant starts are coming up! The peppers and some of the tomatoes are a little slower than the cabbage, but those that are up, look healthy!
I don't have much to say tonight, so I'm off for now! - Nanette

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pooh Bear Pancakes and Pink Lace

This is supposed to be Pooh Bear. I know, I know. It looks nothing like him. My kids love creative pancakes and this was one of my attempts. No matter. He was a fine remedy for the rumblies in the tumblies.

I'm sitting at my computer when I certainly shouldn't be. I'm sewing for this wedding and I have a fitting deadline coming up. I've reconstructed the pattern to create what the bride wants, and I've cut out one dress, but I haven't cut out the dress that needs to be ready for the fitting. I usually love to sew, but lately I've been making novice mistakes all over the place, and, frankly, I'm afraid to work on it for fear of making some dreadfully expensive mistake. So, here I sit.

I haven't shared anything about my private journey of the last few months on here. And I don't plan to share much because I promised to keep this blog positive. However, I'm dealing with some pretty big burnout issues. It is hard to concentrate and think like I used to. In a perfect world, this would be where I would go to a retreat to sleep and take care of myself and voila! I'd be all better. But, a perfect world it is not. So, I'm taking baby steps here and there. I say no to more things (except sewing for weddings!) I sleep in more often. And I trust that the God of Heaven is hearing and answering my prayers in His own wonderful time. And it IS improving. I'm thankful for that!

Another thing I've done is a radical, controversial weight loss and metabolism reset program. Diet and exercise wasn't working, so I decided to go for broke. I lost 22 pounds in my first, eight-week round. This time I'm doing a 1/2 round and I've lost 7 pounds so far. I have one more week to go. It has been hard, hard, hard, but so rewarding and I'm so excited that the program boasts a huge success rate for maintaining. But, at the moment, I'm hungry and grumpy.

So, watch out: Middle aged loony with rumblies in her tumbly is headed for the sewing scizzors and pink lace!!!!!!!!!! Runnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TTFN - Nanette

Monday, March 1, 2010

Need Your Opinion

O.k., everyone. We want your ideas. The Wood Artist found this banjo shell at the dump. The wood is in great condition and he wants to make an art object out of it. What are your ideas??????

In other news, Laughing Water and Mr. Blueberry Eyes are practicing hard for a guitar/violin duet. They have a recital coming up and will play "Polar Bear Kiss", a song their teacher composed for them and let Mr. Blueberry Eyes name.