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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Old Photos

I was looking through old photos and saw some that I'd intended to post a while back.  I have a lot to write, too, but don't feel so well today (I'm fighting a cold), so I might not write a lot.  We'll see.  This is a picture of  the capes I made for Laughing Water and her cousins for Christmas.  They are made of a very dark brown faux fur and tied with a satin ribbon.
 School is grinding away.  I think we are all getting a little tired of it and are ready for summer break.  Its still a ways away, though.  Here are a couple of fun projects we've done, though.  This is a paper castle we made from a cutout book.  (I have also finished Laughing Water's medieval courtier's dress - finally!  Will post pictures soon!)

Laughing Water has been taking a drama class with the local home schoolers.  Here she is in a cast of Peter Pan.  I must say I was impressed!  She "died" like a pro when shot with the arrow!
 Botany class has been very fun this year.  We managed to work in the Pathfinder Seed and Advanced Seed Honor.  We are almost done with it.  Many thanks to those of you who helped with that!
Life is simply crazy right now.  We now have all 16 chickens and two ducks.  They are growing well and I'm getting anxious to get them out into the chicken coop - when it gets finished!  The kids are having a blast giving the ducks baths in our bathtub!

They also started a cross-country running program.  I'm proud of them for working so hard at building their endurance!

The kale, raddichio, and peas are up.  I decided to do something crazy and plant my watermelon and canteloupe straight into the hoop house, but with little plastic covers.  It is like a double greenhouse effect.  It is an experiment, so we'll see.  The weather here is so cold - about 10 degrees lower than average.  There is a lot more garden stuff going on, too, but I'll post more on that later.

We've just come through birthday season here.  The Wood Artist, Laughing Water and Mr. Blueberry Eyes all have birthdays within 16 days.  I'm tired!  TTFN - Nanette