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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Wagon Train, Part 4

I love this patriotic shot.
 When I first started this story, I said that I would do three parts. But, I couldn't bear to skip some of these.  I'll just breeze through some of these snapshots of fun and new friends. 
These horses are wearing a special netting to keep off the bugs.

On the buckboard one last time.


New friends

Believe it or not, the motion of the wagon lulls you to sleep!

Prairie Conversations

Two Friends, Two Horses, and a Corn Field

Laughing Water Directing a Play

Are These Teamsters Going to Get Their Lines Right?

Nothing Better than a Bunch of Friends on the Prairie

Good Conversation

Doesn't Get Better Than this for This Boy

Strangers One Day, Practical Jokes the Next

Laughing Water and Nanette with our Amazing Teamster, Mark

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nani said...

So enjoyed reading all of these posts as well as the pictures. Was great to experience a bit of what you had the privilege of experiencing in this way. Thank you so much for sharing.